Sunday, November 4

Setting up internal HDA (High Def Audio)

Big speaker sound from little laptop speakers

In Windows, the computer had surprisingly good sound. Maybe I was just use to the speakers of my previous laptop (Dell Inspiron 300m), but these speakers really kicked ass. Thankfully, they weren't that difficult to setup under Linux. After the initial install, I had some issues with sound (It could have been me playing around with the mixers or the lack of alsa sound drivers). I fixed the sound by installing an alsa driver. First I needed to grab the driver:


Next I had to extract the drivers:

> tar xvf alsa-driver-1.0.9b.tar.bz2

Change to the directory:

> cd alsa-driver-1.0.9b

Now I configured and installed the module:

> sudo ./configure

> sudo make

> sudo make install

I rebooted and everything worked great.

Note: The mixer is muted by default so you will need to play around with the control to get it to output sound.

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Ic4rus said...

seriously, was it that easy to get your sound working?

I have gutsy gibbon installed on my vostro 1500 with the latest alsa drivers compiled and installed and it wont work.

dmesg bring back all sorts of stuff about different symbols and blah blah.